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[sticky post] K-POP Sales Post Updated (January 2015)

Doing Major K-POP sales to clear space and get back some $$$...

Postage is not included in the below prices, I will quote you after I check with the post office, if you can tell me where you live. I will ship to anywhere in the world~

1. NUEST - Face - USD10/SGD12
2. U-KISS - Dora Dora - USD13/SGD15
3. F(x) - Electric Shock (Luna photocard) - USD13/SGD15
4. CNBlue - Can't Stop - USD14/SGD16
5. CNBlue - Re: Blue - USD12/SGD15
6. SHINee - Why So Serious (Taemin Photocard) - USD13/SGD15
7. Rainbow - Rainbow Syndrome - USD10/SGD12
8. Teen Top - Teen Top Class - USD10/SGD12
9. VIXX - Eternity (Choice of Hyuk/Ravi/Hongbin version) - USD10/SGD12
11. BTS - 2 KOOL 4 SKOOL - USD10/SGD12
12. BTS - R U L8 2? - USD10/SGD12
13. BTS - DARK & WILD - USD10/SGD12
14. TOPP DOGG -TOPP DOGG(Debut album) - USD10/SGD12
15. BTOB - Beep Beep - USD10/SGD12
16. B1A4 - Solo Day - USD8/SGD10
17. T-ARA - Day-by-Day - USD10/SGD12
18. GOT7 - Identify - USD10/SGD12

Japanese Releases by K-pop Artists:
1. Shu-i - Achakocha SORRY (あちゃこちゃSORRY) - USD8/SGD10
2. A-JAX - Hot Game (Regular Vers) - USD10/SGD12


A-JAX - 2MYX - USD25/SGD32
BLOCK B - BLOCKBUSTER - USD25/SGD32 (Photo available upon request)

Official Goods/Photobooks
1. "SHINee The First Concert - SHINee World" Photobook - USD 38/SGD48 【Please note that this is HUGE!】
2. VIXX Dream Concert 2013 Special Lightstick [Limited Edition, was only available on pre-order basis to Official Starlights] - USD20/SGD25
3. VIXX OFFICIAL Slogan Towel Vers 2 (White) - USD18/SGD23
4. A-JAX Official Slogan Towel - USD15/SGD19
5. XIA Junsu Tarantallegra Concert Tour Official Lightstick - USD10/SGD12
5. XIA Junsu Tarantallegra Concert Tour Official BIG FAN - USD10/SGD12

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I'm gradually going through the process of adding tags onto past entries. Don't bother scrolling back beyond the first couple of page, all older posts are of my personal life but I can't be half-assed to go back and lock them all.

This LJ is mostly for fandom stuff - manga, k-pop, j-rock etc. Recently, I'm also starting to sub SHINee and DBSK/TVXQ!/Tohoshinki MVs and assorted videos that are in Japanese. Check the tags accordingly please.

(I have an alternative lifestyle blog for beauty/skincare reviews, plus the occasional travel or live(concert) reports: http://kinna-on-a-roll.blogspot.com/)
Oh god. I'm not dead yet. Just very, very busy and pre-occupied with too many things in RL... until I randomly read a fic with a line I wanted to quote that sums up my feelings:

“When I'm around you, all I want is you. But I can't have you. If all I want is you when I'm around you, then I won't notice any man that I can potentially have a relationship with. Because when I'm with you, you're all I see. I need to be away from you to actually breath, much less think straight and meet a nice pretty boy who would actually like me.”
- Work-In-Progress -


Dong Bang Shin Ki/Tohoshinki/TVXQ

FT Island

Break up


Lyrics : Kenn Kato
Composer : Kim Won Hyun, Shim Man Joo

A-JAX - Break Up [Japanese Lyrics+Romanji+Translations]Collapse )


Jaehyung... you're successfully keeping me busy with looking at your Japanese TV appearances and interviews and the new Japanese album photos, even when you're away in another country. T_T So much for getting some studying time while you're gone... >.> Anyway, obsessed love-struck fangirling aside, here are the lyrics:

A-JAX 'One 4 U' Japanese Version Lyrics +Romanji+TranslationsCollapse )


[SWC2012] 120425 SHINee - Bodyguard Japanese Version

SHINee - BODYGUARD (Japanese Vers) [JPN+Romanji+English Translations]Collapse )

P.S. This took much longer than expected as I couldn't make out much of the lyrics from the online fancams - at least, until I went for the live myself on 05/31 and 06/03. ^^ Was so excited I nearly forgot to record the lyrics, so I missed the first stanza and am not sure of some parts of it, but from chorus on everything is perfect as those are from the screen.


The new Japan-only track in their upcoming Sherlock (Japan vers) single... similar to their previous Japan-only tracks, it's a light uplifting song, in the vein of "Kiss Kiss Kiss" and "Start". It's a nice song, but to be honest, SM Japan and EMI Music, can you be a bit more creative? This is too similar to the previous tracks and too "J-poppy", pick something more unique to leave a deeper impression! At least have some better ad-libs like in "Better"/"To Your Heart"! And Key's voice sounded kinda strained... ><"

SHINee - 'Keeping Love Again' Lyrics [Japanese+Romanji+Eng TranslationCollapse )

(Edited on 09/06/2012 after getting my hands on the actual CD.)


I can't wait for the official lyrics, so I did it by ear - the first line already make me go "!?!?" My SHINee boys... I love you and all, but you guys need more pronounciation training. Or they need to give you easier japanese lyrics.

SHINee - 'Sherlock' Lyrics [Japanese+Romanji+Eng Translation]Collapse )